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KansasKatz Club, Purrnado Alley

TICA Cat Show

In September of 2023 we were able to attend our sixth TICA cat show, hosted by the KansasKatz Club in Wichita, KS. This was our second show to attend with the KansasKatz Club. The Maine Coon group included non-poly & polydactyl, these are split into two breeds. Maine Coon & Maine Coon Poly.

We attended this show with Alexa & Elysee. This was Alexa’s fourth TICA show & Elysee’s first TICA show. For this show Alexa was in the adult (Championship) class and Elysee was in the kitten class. We attended both days which was 14 rings in total.

Ring Results for Alexa Day 1 & 2


  • Best of Color x14
  • Best of Division x14
  • Best of Breed x6
  • 2nd Best of Breed x5
  • 3rd Best of Breed x3
  • All-breed Final 10th Best All-breed Cat

Ring Results for Elysee Day 1 & 2


  • Best of Color x14
  • Best of Division x4
  • 2nd Best of Division x3
  • 3rd Best of Division x6
  • Best of Breed x1
  • 2nd Best of Breed x1
  • 3rd Best of Breed x1
  • All-breed Final 3rd Best All-breed Kitten
  • Longhair Final 6th Best Longhair Kitten

This was Elysee’s first show with TICA. This show had fun Maine Coon awards, these were voted on by all of the Maine Coon exhibitors. Elysee was voted for best groomed Maine Coon kitten, best eyes of the Maine Coon kitten, and fluffiest tail of the Maine Coon kittens. Honorable mention for the other divisions, best ear tips, best color, & most potential. This was Alexa’s fourth show with TICA. She received her first adult final, 10th best all-breed cat. The points Alexa received along with her first final as an adult, she was earned the title Champion. She also has the points for her next title (Grand Champion), we hope for a few finals at the next show. Thank you to all of the judges that picked them for finals.

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Lucki Maine Coons is a small, in home closed cattery located in the Midwest with a passion for the Maine Coon breed. We are a registered cattery with TICA – The International Cat Association and CFA – Cat Fanciers Association.



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