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All about us, the minds behind Lucki Maine Coons

In early 2020 we began our research into the wonderful breed of Maine Coons. We quickly fell in love with the beautiful gentle giants and decided to bring them into our family. After a lot of searching we brought our first Maine Coon into our home later in the year. We decided to bring our cats in from top breeders that keep health, genetics, pedigree & lineage, and breed standard at the forefront of their breeding programs. We have been lucky enough to become close friends with all of their breeders and have maintained this relationship.

As you can see, we are in Missouri. In early 2022 we were lucky enough to find a home in the country which gave us more space for our growing kitty family! This was important to us as we now have a complete nursery and kitten rooms so they may play as much as their hearts desire. Of course with all of this space, you can still find a cat under your feet begging for treats.

Breeding & Showing Maine Coons

Gorgeous Maine Coon & Maine Coon Polydactyl Kittens

Expect nothing but the best when you choose Lucki Maine Coons as the Maine Coon Breeder for your next addition. We strive to give our Maine Coon kittens the best start possible.

  • Two Year Health Guarantee & 1 Year FIP Clause
  • Raised In Home & Heavily Socialized
  • State Health Certificate
  • Microchipped, Age Appropriate Vaccines + Deworming, & Altered (Spayed/Neutered)
  • High Quality Images & Weekly Updates
  • Friendly & Confident Temperament

The Lucki Maine Coon Crew

Maine Coon Kittens from the past, you can look at the pictures of all of our past Lucki Maine Coon Kittens. This will give you an idea of what your future kitten may look like. We are proud to have a reputation of confident, friendly, healthy, & gorgeous Maine Coon & Maine Coon Polydactyl kittens.

Maine Coon Lovers

We are Maine Coon lovers. Maine Coons are amazing pets for families. They’re known as “gentle giants”, their sweet temperament makes them amazing pets for any home. It’s no wonder that Maine Coons are one of the most popular breeds in the United States.

Lucki Maine Coons is a small Maine Coon cattery located in Missouri. We show with CFA primarily in Region 6 (Midwest) and TICA primarily in the Great Lakes Region. TICA & CFA have a written Maine Coon breed standard that the cats are judged against.

Come & Meet Us, Show Calendar 2024

Meet us and a few of our Maine Coons at a show! These are our plans for spring/summer. We will update this throughout the year, please note this is subject to change. You can primarily find us in Region 6 (Midwest) for the Cat Fanciers Association & the Great Lakes Region for The International Cat Association.

  • January 13th & 14th | TICA | Gray Summit, Missouri
  • April 13th | CFA | Neosho, Missouri
  • April 27th & 28th | TICA | Blackwell, Oklahoma
  • June 15th & 16th | CFA | Springfield, Missouri
  • June 29th & 30th | TICA | Gray Summit, Missouri

Contact Us

[email protected]

(417) 597-4711

    2024 Show Season Awards & Standings

    Lucki Maine Coons is one of the few Maine Coon catteries in Missouri that actively shows both Maine Coon & Maine Coon Poly cats & kittens. We had a great 2023-2024 show season with the Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association. We received the following awards in both the Maine Coon and Maine Coon Poly class with TICA.

    • Great Lakes Region’s 2024 Best Red/White Maine Coon Poly of the year
    • Great Lakes Region’s 2024 3rd Best Maine Coon Poly kitten of the year
    • Great Lakes Region’s 2024 2nd Best Red Silver Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon of the year
    • International 2024 Best Red/White Maine Coon Poly of the year