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Do you have a waitlist?

In the beginning of 2022 we decided to drop our waitlist, we now go solely off of our approved family list. When a kitten becomes available for reservation, families that have completed our application and phone call interview will be able to pick their kitten. We work through these as received, you must keep in contact to be notified. A $600 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your kitten. If at anytime we feel that a person is unfit for one of our kittens their deposit will be refunded and their contract will be voided.

How much are Lucki Maine Coon kittens?

At this time our kittens are $2,300-$2,800. All kittens are pet only, no exceptions. They will be spayed/neutered prior to going home. At this time we do not offer breeding rights on any of our kittens. The deposit for kittens is $600, this will come out of the final price of the kitten.

How do I pay my deposit?

At this time we accept Venmo, Cash, Paypal, and Zelle. We will accept your deposit after we receive a signed contract. Once you pick your kitten we will send a sample contract for you to review, once you have read the contract and approved we will send you the final contract. After we receive the signed contract you will receive payment info to send your deposit. The deposit is non-refundable, in the event that we feel a person is unfit for one of our kittens their deposit will be refunded and their contract will be voided.

Do you allow home visits?

At this time we do not. For safety and health reasons for both our cats and family we do not allow home visits. Viruses and germs can be easily can easily be brought in without you knowing and we simply cannot take that risk with our kittens or cats. With that being said we send weekly pictures and updates of the kittens as well as a family group that has complete albums with pictures and videos. We are open to doing video calls with any future family.

Where do the cats live?

All of our cats live in our home and are strictly indoors. Our kittens have their own kitten room as well as a nursery. Kittens are in the nursery until they are eating, drinking, and using the litter on their own. Then the kittens are moved to our kitten room that is full of fun for them. Our Kings have their own bedroom where they are free to roam around with each other. Our queens are free roam throughout the house, they love to spend their time hanging out on the couch watching tv. The kings have free roam time without the queens and then with the queens when we are able to supervise. Our cattery is cage-less, we’ve worked very hard to give them a great environment.

Do you test?

Yes, all of Lucki Maine Coons’ cats are health tested. Our cats are DNA tested and/or are from parents that are tested with Optimal Selection, Fractal-bio, and Vet Lab RU. We have re-tested all cats with Fractal-bio & Vet Lab RU personally with Optimal Selection. We are also in the process of completing echocardiograms (every other year) on all of our queens & kings. OFA Advanced Cardiac Screening – (Heart Echocardiogram & Auscultation).

Do you show?

This is a great question, yes we have officially started showing as of late 2022. We have been planning and researching to show our cats since we brought them home in 2020 and now we finally have. We will be sharing our experience and show routine on our social media pages. As of now, we are showing with CFA – Cat Fanciers Association & TICA – The International Cat Association.

What do your kitties eat?

Our cats and kittens are free fed, we keep their bowls accessible and full, by doing this they are able to eat as they please throughout the day. The adults get wet food every morning, the kittens vary some but, generally every morning and night depending on what they need. Our adults are currently eating Fromm Gold dry kibble as recommended by our veterinarian. Our kittens are currently eating Fromm Gold kitten dry kibble as recommended by our vet. We recommend purchasing a 4lb bag of their kitten food, kittens are already stressed when moving to a new home and we do not see a reason to give them an upset stomach during this time also. Once the kitten is settled in after two weeks or so is when you can switch their food if needed. Mix their current food with the new for at least a week to ensure an easier transition. Please keep in mind every litter might not have the same dry kibble, you will be told which food prior to your kitten coming home. We also feed a variety of wet food and unseasoned boiled chicken. In addition to wet food, we also do freeze dried raw and Viva or Primal raw.

What litter should I use?

This is a great question as there are so many types of litter. We currently use Scoop Away or Petco’s brand – So Phresh. Both of these are dust free/low dust, unscented, clay clumping litter. If you are looking for a clay litter alternative, Vibrant Life is a natural paper pellet that is unscented. The litter we personally wouldn’t recommend are the pine pellets from Tractor Supply. The 40 lb. bag is around $8, we found it to be extremely messy as the dust goes everywhere. It cannot be used in Litter Robot, the pellets break down very quickly and were getting stuck in their feet. We personally do not find it to be worth spending less, we were cleaning and completely dumping the pellets every 3-4 days.

How much grooming is required?

Grooming is a very important topic especially with long haired pets like Maine Coons. We use a slicker brush and a greyhound comb, these can be purchased at most pet supply stores. It is important to use a comb as well as a slicker brush as slicker brushes only reach the top layer of fur. A comb will ensure you are getting down to the root and reduce the risk of matting with a proper routine. Our cats have a routine, all of them are brushed and combed at least three times a week, their nails are cut as needed generally every 2-3 weeks. Keeping them in a routine will make the process much easier.

When can I pickup my kitten?

Our kittens can start to go home after 16 weeks. At 16 weeks our kittens have received their first three sets of vaccinations. At 16 weeks our kittens are very social and confident which makes the transition to a new home much easier.

Where/How do I pickup my kitten?

Pickup/delivery arrangements are set to be made by 10 weeks. Kittens that will be flying to their new homes are only to be flown in cabin with their new owner or us. Kittens are not allowed to be flown in cargo or driven ground transport cargo. Kittens will only be released to the approved owner on the signed contract unless approved prior. We keep these strict rules to keep our kittens safe. Cargo is extremely stressful for the kitten, illness is also a factor into why we do not allow kittens to be in cargo. Kittens are babies, in my personal opinion cargo is unsanitary, unsafe, and not okay for kittens. We offer pickup at a few airports including Kansas City International Airport, St. Louis Lambert International Airport, Springfield-Branson National Airport, and a few others. We offer delivery by air or car for an addition fee.

What is included?

Before going home our kittens will have received their 3 sets of core vaccines, their rabies vaccine, and microchip. At pickup you can expect to receive a folder including their shot records, de-worming records, rabies certificate, microchip info, and info for their 30 day insurance. A kitten pack including a collar, blanket, toys, food sample, and a few samples of our favorite brands. As well as a life long relationship with us. 2023 UPDATE – 2 YEAR GENETIC HEALTH GUARANTEE & 1 YEAR FIP GUARANTEE. AS OF 2023 ALL OF OUR KITTENS WILL BE SPAYED/NUETERED PRIOR TO GOING HOME