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Oklahoma City Cat Club, Catch a Dream

CFA Cat Show

In May of 2023 we were able to attend our fifth CFA cat show hosted by Oklahoma City Cat Club in Stillwater, OK. At this show there were over 35+ breeds in attendance, this includes kittens and adults. This was our first show with the Oklahoma City Cat Club and we had a great time!

We attended this show with our future queen Justine, our king Aly, our retired queen Svetty, as well as one of our “Kandy Land” babies, Lolli. This was Justine’s sixth show, fifth with CFA,  Aly’s third CFA show, Svetty’s first, and Lolli’s fourth. 

Ring Results for Aly, Justine, & Svetty


  • Best of Division x4
  • 2nd Best of Division x2
  • Best of Color x4
  • 2nd Best of Color x2
  • Best of Breed x2
  • Best Champion of Breed x2
  • All-breed Final 3rd Best Longhair Champion


  • Best of Division x6
  • Best of Color x1


  • Best of Division x2
  • 2nd Best of Division x4
  • Best of Color x2
  • 2nd Best of Color x4
  • Best of Breed x1
  • Best Champion of Breed x1
  • Longhair Final 6th Best Longhair Cat

Ring Results for Lolli


  • Best of Division x6
  • Best of Color x6
  • 2nd Best of Breed x1
  • Longhair Final 5th Best Longhair Kitten
  • All-breed Final 10th Best All-breed Kitten

This was our first show to attend finals in, we are very happy with their results. Aly received 3rd best longhair champion out of 28 longhair cats in the open & champion class. Svetty received 6th best longhair cat at her first show out of 46 longhair cats. Lolli received 5th best longhair kitten out of 13 longhair kittens. She also received 10th best all-breed kitten out of 26 kittens in the shorthair kitten class & longhair kitten class. Aly was against Svetty for color, it was interesting to see their placements in each ring. Justine was against three males for her color but, we received great feedback on her from the judges. Lolli is six months old now, we are very impressed with how she does in the rings! We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes as she gets older in the kitten class. Svetty did great at this show considering she has not been shown before, it was fun to see her and her daughter Lolli at the show together. Thank you to all of the judges that picked our cats for finals!

Show Highlights



Lucki Maine Coons is a small, in home closed cattery located in the Midwest with a passion for the Maine Coon breed. We are a registered cattery with TICA – The International Cat Association and CFA – Cat Fanciers Association.



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