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Alyy’s Mom, Sandra

I really love my kitten. She is well adjusted to human touch, playful, litter trained, and came fully spoiled! Communication was a must for me and was above and beyond my expectations, pics of growth almost weekly and loved the shared experience!!! So willing to add to the family again when I have more time to devote to more!!!!

Oscar’s Dad, Chris

Start to finish our experience getting a kitten from them went smoothly and as expected. We received a beautiful, loving, cuddly kitten and couldn’t be happier.

Sammie’s Mom, Tina

We are extremely happy with our little Sammie. Highly recommend them.

Phoebe’s Mom, Jennifer

We had an excellent experience with Lucki Maine Coons! The owner was extremely prompt in answering all our questions as we made a decision on what breeder to choose, and communication process. We received frequent updates and videos of our kitten, and even got to meet her once she was big enough. We couldn’t love our LMC kitty more, and hope to get a second kitten from them in the future.

Mufasa’s Mom, Kristin

Lucki Maine Coons was amazing to work with and Mufasa has been the best addition to our family. He was socialized, friendly, and healthy. Would highly recommend this cattery to anyone looking to add a Maine Coon to their family.

Kobe’s Mom, Maureen

I was able to keep in direct communication with the breeder at all times. She kept me updated with my little guys progress. Great place for wonderful companions.

Maximus’ Mom, Irina

Love my Maximus! It was a pleasure working with Lucki Maine Coon! Always ready to answer questions, and send photos. Thank you Lucki Maine Coon for my perfect kitten.

Thor’s Dad, RJ

First, we wanted to thank you for the easy purchase of big boy Thor. The communication and continuous updates throughout the process was hands-down one of the best purchases we’ve made in a very long time. Having Thor now for approximately a month, he is a ball of joy, full of energy, nonstop laughter, and loves to talk his head off. Thank you for everything.

Rooster’s Mom, Angie

I would definitely recommend Lucki Maine Coons! We got our baby Rebel (Now known as Rooster), and he is the most sweetest boy, loving and oh so playful. Very well taken care of and Owner is very informational on everything you need to know. She loves these babies as much as you will. Definitely 10 out of 10!!

Harley & Hugo’s Mom, Felecia

Lucki Maine Coons breeds the best kittens. They are so well socialized and friendly that they make a perfect addition to the family. I was well informed during the entire adoption process. Hugo and Harley (a.k.a Shake n’ Bake… or Heckle & Jeckle) are the best! They are fabulous and I can’t wait to see who they grow into. They are going to be very big boys. The whole experience working with Dida to get my boys was fantastic. I wish I had space to get more of her kittens. You will not be disappointed if you go with Lucki Maine Coons for your new family members.

Mahalo’s Mom, Tracy

I got my sweet baby from Lucki. The breeder has answered all of my questions without hesitation. She is fabulous!!! I specifically asked for a personality I wanted, tho she could not promise she was confident which litter I needed to choose from. I got the personality I wanted. My baby is so social able, loving, and just a blessing! I researched for about 6 months before reaching out. I could not have found a better mentor! We are still talking! If I get another kitty, you bet, I will be getting one from Lucki!

Luci’s Mom, Laura

We are so happy with our beautiful Luci! From the moment I had made contact to surprise my husband with his new companion, Dida was friendly, informational, and provided prompt responses. Even being a few states apart, she kept in constant contact with me to send pics, videos and updates. This has been the most efficient, effortless, and satisfying experiences ever! Highly recommended!

Grudge’s Mom, Amberly

Would I recommend Lucki Maine Coons? In short YES, yes I would. Our “little” kitten is almost a year old and my In-laws just love all 20 pounds of him! Yes, you read that correctly 20 pounds, this dude is huge and he rules the house with all his regalness, lol. LMC is very friendly and responsive. I’ve given them so many questions and they have always answered quickly. They’ve treated my family with nothing but kindness and respect. I would definitely recommend LMC and if I can ever convince my husband we would definitely get another Maine Coon from LMC.

Ryat’s Mom, Nikki

We had a great experience with Dida and Lucki Maine coons! We got “Taffy” (now Ryat) from her recent kandy land litter and love him so much! He’s a huge cuddle bug and took to us right away! He spent the entire 6 hour car ride home laying in someone’s lap the whole time! He’s great with my daughter, immediately took up with my other Maine Coon, and taking to my dogs pretty quickly! Dida sent plenty of pictures throughout our wait and had plenty of recommendations for supplies as well.

Hennessy’s Mom, Sharon

Lucki Maine Coons is great to work with. They are very knowledgeable about Maine Coons and are an awesome resource. My boy is a love bug and I can’t imagine my life without him. He has a wonderful temperament and was very well socialized due to all the love and care that Lucki Maine Coons invest in their babies.

Birdie’s Mom, Jennifer

We loved our first Lucki Maine Coon kitty so much, we decided we needed a second. We couldn’t be happier with Birdie. She has the best disposition of any cat we’ve ever owned, and her unique coloring garners a lot of attention from anyone who meets her. I highly recommend Lucki Maine Coons, and the family behind those adorable faces. They truly care about the kittens they raise, and it’s clear they take a lot of pride in what they do.

Mowgli’s Mom, Sherrie

Mister Mowgli was a great copilot for the four hour ride home. The car seat was not gonna happen! He let me know asap! He slept on my right shoulder and behind my neck the whole way till about 20 mins before we got home when he decided it was time to get on the head rest and RIDE ON MY HEAD! just happened to be on Facetime with my sister, I know how bad bad bad….lol I was watching the road she was watching the cat. Giggle. So he climbs on my head and proceeded to fall asleep and fell off my head, she missed those photos lol but you can see me laughing after I *saved* him, really my head cause the sharp parts came out lol he is such a handsome man! Thank you so much for taking care of my sweet boy Lucki Maine Coons! He is such a lover and a player. The kids and hubby are so in love but not as much as me!!!