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More about Male Maine Coons

The loved and adored male Maine Coon Cats are distinguished by their large and majestic appearance. Male Maine Coons are typically slightly larger than their female counterparts, which can give them a more impressive, striking presence. The typical range for a male Maine Coon in weight is 13-18 pounds, many reaching 20lbs or beyond. It is important to remember that the Maine Coon breed is a slowly maturing breed and generally grow until the age of 1 to 2, then fully mature between 3 to 5 years of age. Although female Maine Coons are typically slightly smaller than male Maine Coons, they are still significantly larger than many other domestic cat breeds, contributing to their nickname, “gentle giants”.

Male or Female? Many families may be stuck choosing between a male or female Maine Coon for their family. The common question we receive is, is there a large size difference between the two? If you are solely looking for a Maine Coon based off of their size, you may decide to pick a male. Although do not count the females out, many female Maine Coons turn out to be just as “large” as males. When deciding to bring a Maine Coon into your family, size should not be your main deciding factor. There are many great things that create the beloved “gentle giants” that are Maine Coons.

Temperament…As for temperament or personality, in our opinion there’s not really a specific gender that is better than the other. Maine Coons are fairly consistent in the fact that they are very friendly, social, and easy going cats no matter the gender. A key point to this is proper socialization, kittens must be socialized properly to become the friendly, confident, social, and out going cats we all adore. It is also important to remember that each kitten or cat does have it’s own individual temperament and some quirky traits you may notice could be inherited from your Maine Coon kitten’s parents. For our cats personally, our female Maine Coons tend to be the “door greeters” and the males tend to be the couch loungers.