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All About Lucki Maine Coons

In early 2020 we began our research into the wonderful breed of Maine Coons. We fell in love with the beautiful gentle giants and decided to bring them into our family. After a lot of searching we brought our first Maine Coon into our home later in the year. We decided to bring our cats in from top breeders that keep health, genetics, pedigree & lineage, and breed standard at the forefront of their breeding programs. We have been lucky enough to become close friends with all of their breeders and have maintained this relationship.

As you can see, we are in the Midwest. In early 2022 we were lucky enough to find a home in the country which gave us more space for our growing kitty family! This was important to us as we now have a complete nursery and kitten rooms so they may play as much as their hearts desire. Of course with all of this space, you can still find a cat under your feet begging for treats.

Lucki Maine Coons is a small, in home closed cattery located in Missouri, USA with a passion for the Maine Coon breed. All of our breeding cats have been brought in from reputable, top quality, established catteries. Many of which we have great friendships with.  All of our cats are handled by us daily and have free roam of our home as they are our personal pets as well as breeding cats. Lucki Maine Coons is a family affair, we do everything with the kittens & cats. From photography, socializing, grooming, cleaning, running social media accounts, and answering questions we do it all.

We are registered with TICA – The International Cat Association & CFA – Cat Fanciers Association. We show our cats regularly with both TICA & CFA. Our cattery is free of FeLV and FIV viruses, our cats are seen by a licensed veterinarian regularly. All kittens are pet only and are spayed/neutered prior to going home, we do allow for kittens to go to show homes to be shown in Premiership or Alter. We push to be the best of the best and only breed quality and loving MC’s, ensure that our babies get the amazing home they deserve, as well as keeping connected to our kittens. Our cats are truly a large part of our family and we hope to bring this same experience to our kitten families as well. You can find pictures of our prior litters on the “Kitten Gallery” page. These are all of the kittens born from our kings & queens in our cattery.