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Lucki Maine Coons’ Available Kittens

Any of the Maine Coon kittens listed here are the only kittens we have available at this time. If they are not listed here, they are not open to reserve. All of our kittens are pet only and will be spayed/neutered prior to going home – no exceptions. We do allow for our kittens to go to show homes. Please do not submit an application unless you are serious and understand the cost.* The application is open to complete when we have kittens that are open to reserve. We only have a select few litters a year, so we do not always have kittens available.

“OG Rappers” Litter, March 2024

CH Aly & CH Alexa, born March 28th. All of the kittens from this litter are reserved.

The “OG Rappers” Litter, born March 28th, 2024

Inspired by the “OG” rappers of hip-hop, each of our Maine Coon kittens are named after a hip-hop icon. This litter was born during the late evening hours of March 28th. There are eight kittens in this litter both Maine Coon & Maine Coon Poly, one female and seven males. We are keeping two of the kittens from this litter, the remaining six kittens are reserved.

Our “OG Rappers” Crew:

Litter Announcement, May 2024

CH Aly & Katniss, born May 29th. At this time the kittens are all under observation and are not open for reservations. We will start to take applications and reservations after four weeks of age. Please note, we do work through the applications as received, we do allow our current families first pick if interest is expressed prior. At/after four weeks we will add individual photos of each kitten here.

The “Swifties” Litter, born May 29th, 2024

We have been waiting to have a “Swifties” themed litter, what better time than during the Era’s tour? Inspired by Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” album, each of our Maine Coon kittens are named after a song in the album. This litter was born during the early morning hours of May 29th so “Midnights” seemed fitting. There are five kittens in this litter both Maine Coon & Maine Coon Poly, one female and four males. We will not be keeping a kitten from this litter, so each of the kittens will be open for reservation. Two of the five kittens are reserved, one kitten is on hold.

Our “Midnights” Crew:

You’re here right on time! The second set of photos! Kittens from this litter are $2,800.

Do you have any available Maine Coon kittens?

It’s no surprise that this is one of our most asked questions! If you are looking for a Maine Coon kitten to potentially join your family, any of our available kittens will be listed here. To further explain the meaning behind the status of the kitten, we’ve included a list for each status that could be listed on a kitten below. 

Cattery Observation: NOT AVAILABLE, The kitten is being held to evaluate for future show / breeding, the kitten may or may not be available for reservation in the future. (Please note the kitten is being evaluated for our breeding program, if the kitten is released for reservation it will be as pet or show only, not for breeding.)

Available: The kitten is open for reservation. We are accepting applications for the kitten. 

On Hold: The kitten is on hold for a family that has already completed our application and phone call interview, on the final step of reviewing the contract. 

Reserved: The kitten has a family that has completed the application, signed our contract and has paid their deposit. Unless the situation changes, the kitten will not become available to reserve again. (Reserved by a current Lucki kitten family means that the kitten is going to a family that already has one of our Maine Coon kittens from a prior litter.)

Stays: The kitten is staying in our cattery for future show / breeding.