Lucki Maine Coons

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Step One, Application

To adopt a Lucki Maine Coon kitten, your first step is to complete our kitten application. The application will be open to submit when we have kittens that are open for reservation. If you are approved you will receive an email and/or phone call from us to respond to.

Step Two, Phone Interview

After you receive an email confirming that your application was received and approved we will set up a phone call interview. On this call you can expect for us to go over your application, ask a few more questions about you, and you will get the opportunity to ask us as well.

Step Three, Reserve Your New Family Member

The moment you have been waiting for, reserving your Lucki Maine Coon kitten. Kittens are available for reservation after 4 weeks of age. Please note, we do work through applications and complete interviews as received. As we’ve worked through families and their preferences, you will receive an email regarding kittens that are available to reserve.

Step Four, Set Pickup Arrangements

Lucki Maine Coon kittens can start to go home after 16 weeks, please see our FAQ for more info regarding this. Pickup/Delivery arrangements are set to be made by 10 weeks. Kittens that will be flying to their new homes are only to be flown in cabin with their new owner (You) or us (Lucki Maine Coons). Kittens are not allowed to be flown in cargo or driven ground transport cargo. Kittens will only be released to the approved owner on the signed contract unless approved prior, please see our FAQ for more info regarding this.

Step Five, Preparing For Your New Family Member

The special day comes faster than you think, we recommend pre-scheduling their first vet appointment. Purchasing at least one 4lb bag of their kitten food will ensure an easy transition at home. We prefer for the kittens to stay on their original food selected by our vet but, understand if this needs to be changed, please see our FAQ for more info regarding this.

Step Six, Go Home Day

The day has arrived, your kitten is coming home. We recommend to have a new and clean carrier just for them for your ride home. On this day you will also need to setup their free 30 day insurance plan. Please see FAQ for more info regarding this.